ATS Becoming A Reality!

I had a great meeting with my IT contact today. He’s sold on the idea and has two developers interested to work on the ATS project. I’m really excited that my vision of an ATS is becoming reality!

Man do I have some wild ideas for the ATS using GA’s and Neural Nets but we’re first going to build a simple prototype to see if it works. We’ll probably focus on stocks for now but ultimately I’d like to enter the currency markets as well.

The next step for me is to write a presentation and technical requirements, have a meeting, and get everyone to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The markets will recoil in horror the day my ATS goes live, or maybe it wouldn’t give a shit. :)

  • http://123.456.789.012 Sarah

    Congratulations on making progress on your ATS idea.
    You can start from some open source software which can seriously cut your software development cost.
    If you go through the list you will find software which can be easily customized for ATS.

  • Digital Dude

    Congratulations and good luck going forward with your new venture!

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you ;-)


    -Digital Dude-

  • dc

    hi tom
    i’m slightly envious of you i can only dream about getting passed the normal tweeking that i do on regular platforms,(american junk) with minor improvements to show for it.I guess it’s all about having the money to take that extra step.(programers programing from scratch)
    I am very interested in your results,you know if they are too good the wall street mob might get a little uptight.I often found that white papers though saying alot still have that vague feel on account of that possobility happening .WHATEVER!.
    i think programers in this feild only let the slightly better then average stuff out to the general public the really good stuff (85%+)stays in their personal bag of trading tricks.
    Also do you think that a black box concept with all the patents might the end result?(not too expensive though please i,m not rich)

  • Tom

    @Sarah: Thanks for the link. I checked it out and there might be some stuff we can use!

    @DD: Thanks Digital, if I need your help I’ll come knocking1

    DC: Right now I just want to get the ATS coded and running!