Monthly Archives: November 2008

We Are In The Accumulation Zone

We are now in the accumulation zone, based on my timing model.  All I’m doing now is waiting for a signal that will blow away all the previous ones.  If that doesn’t happen we could see the markets continue to slip even further, which means one thing.  The capital “D” is coming.

How do we fix this mess?  Bring manufacturering back to the US.  As Ross Perot said, in reference to NAFTA, “you can’t sell anything to people who don’t make anything.”  We sure as heck don’t make anything as we used to anymore, do we?

Alright, back to shooting and packing for my trip to China.

PS: It’s my birthday tomorrow!

I’m Going Shooting

Photos that is.  The creative madness that has laid dormant for years has come back in full force and I can’t deny it.  It’s probably a defensive reflex to all the crazy market volaitlity as a way to get my mind off these things.

My posting will probably slow again as I chase the dwindling light, roam in dilapidated areas, and on off beaten paths.  I’ll post goodies to my Flickr Account when I get them developed (this week), and scanned (after Thanksgiving).