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Calling All Direct Mail Marketers

One of the video tutorials I'm working on is how to build and use a direct mail marketing model using a Decision Tree learner.  Rapidminer can be used for small, medium, and larger marketers as a data discovery tool that helps them understand the buying habits of their customers, and where to target their efforts.  A Decision Tree model helps segment your market and identify the "sweet spot" in your customer base.

Check back over the next two weeks for this video tutorial.  I'll show you how to mine your data and start being a more effective marketer in under 10 minutes.

Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #3 – Building a Gold Trend Classification Model Part 2

In this video I discuss how to use a cross and simple validation operator to split your training data into two sets: training and validation data sets.  I also highlight the new intuitive “quick fix” error solution suggestions in Rapidminer 5.0. Enjoy!

Video download link (HQ): Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #3

See the Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #2 post for the data files used in this video

LinkedIn Recommendation Request

My readers may or may not know but I maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn (you can find me at Thomas Ott). I really like LinkedIn and I’m always looking to network with good professionals in the engineering, data mining/modeling, and financial world. Please feel free to reach out to me because I would love to connect with you! 

But I do ask for a small favor in return…

If you are a reader of Neural Market Trends, and you enjoy my video tutorials and content, please take a moment to write a recommendation for the site. Your candid thoughts and recommendations are very important to the success of this blog and it allows me to grow this site by providing my readers with free Rapidminer tutorials.

The information I share on this site via my videos and tutorials is extremely valuable and free, there’s nothing like this available on the Internet that I know of. Please consider my above request, it would be greatly appreciated.

Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #2 – Building a Gold Trend Classification Model Part 1

Looks like I'm on a roll!  Please see my Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #2. In this video we begin the process of recreating my original written NMT YALE/Rapidminer tutorials into version 5.0 and into a video.  This video shows how to import training and prediction data, add a classification learner, and apply the model, and get the results.

Video download link (HQ): Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #2

The data files you will need to follow along are Excel spreadsheets below:

Training data set: gold_final_input

Prediction data set: ga-gold

Neural Market Trend’s Social Media Outlets

I've been updating my social media links for a new and improved roll out of Neural Market Trends over the next few months.  My first job was to create a Youtube channel for my new Rapidminer videos, which I anticipate to update on a weekly basis until I've redone all my previous tutorials and added some new ones. I expect that amount to be about 10 or so videos.

Next I created a Facebook Fan Page for my readers to join.  Please note, I usually don't add thousands of friends on FB so if you request me as a friend and I don't add you, please don't be angry or upset.  I'm just very protective and secretive with my inner circle.  Please, instead, join the Facebook Fan Page and interact with me there.

I'm also trying out the Google Friend Connect, which you see in the right sidebar, and I'm available via GTalk.  Please note, that I'm usually very busy from 7AM to 5PM Eastern Time, so chatting is limited to non-existent that time. If you catch me before or after that time, ask me questions, chat with me about Rapidminer ideas, or just say hello.

And finally, I'm still on Twitter but only use it to broadcast my blog posts.  It's too noisy for me.

2010 is going to rock!

Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #1 – Introduction To Rapidminer

After a very long hiatus I present to my readers my first Rapidminer 5.0 video tutorial.  Its just a quick 10 min introduction to the GUI and data import functions of Rapidminer 5.0.  You’re gonna like the way it looks!

Video download link: Rapidminer 5.0 Video Tutorial #1

PS: I’m glad to be back guys. Leave me a comment if you want more, please stroke my fragile ego. LOL.

PPS: My Youtube Channel is here: Neuralmarkettrends1

PPPS: For those who want to follow along, see the original GE.xls file.

Another Genetic Algorithm Addin For Excel

I downloaded and started to fool around with another genetic algorithm addin for Excel.  This one is called xlbit and is created by Xlpert.  What I like about it is that it has a better interface than Gentik Solver, but its not free. It allows you do max and min for target cells, add constraints (a big plus), and lets you choose between three genetic algorithms: Elitism, Roulette, and Tournament.  It even creates a new worksheet with results and graph for your average and overall fitness.  Sweet!

If you like it, and I do, you can buy the addin for $15.  That's pretty reasonable considering the developer packages this addin with two more addins, a neural net and a type of value at risk routine.   Xlbit does come in a demo version, so you can try it out first.  

So what has your intrepid neural net / genetic algo techno trader been doing with this addin?  Writing new trading models? Analyzing the market? Finding hidden trading opportunities? No, not at all.  I've been genetic modeling the perfect measurements of women.

The Euro Is About To…

Blow chunks, suck donkey dick, or  whatever metaphor you want to use if it breaks through and closes below $1.35.  Could it be temporary? I don't know but the daily chart (not shown in this post) already shows the 50 DMA below the 200 DMA and gaining traction.

The weekly chart has the 50 WMA awfully close to the 200 WMA and getting closer.

Rapidminer 5.0 Released

In case you didn't know, Rapidminer 5.0 has been released and there have been some MAJOR changes and improvements to it.  It looks a lot easier and appears to be even more powerful.  I just downloaded it and plan on playing around with it for a while.

Update: Rapidminer 5.0 is beautiful, just simply beautiful!  The have a new GUI that is to die for and a simple drag and drop for your data imports.  With all these changes, all my tutorials will need to be completely updated… (hint, hint)

Would You Buy DNDN?

$DNDN is routinely making all time highs and the question I pose this morning is, would you buy it now?

 A lot of people are scared to buy all time highs. They think that since its at an all time high, it can't go higher and maybe its run its course.  

From the weekly chart you can see that it just keeps on making all time highs. 

But the reality is that ONE day it will have reached its all time high and then sell off. The real question then becomes, when has it truly reached its all time high?  No one knows the answer to that question!

So the moral of THIS story is to always use a stop IF you buy an all time high, because you never know if THAT all time high was ITS last!