Genetik Solver appears to be no more – ITS BACK!


Well at least its presence on the Internet. It appears to be gone and I can’t locate the .XLA file anywhere to save my life.  I wrote about this neat little Excel add-in a long time ago in my Genetic Algorithm Excel Addin post and since then its remained amazingly popular.  I sure hope the developer reposts it soon but I’m not holding my breath.

In case you’re interested, there is another slicker Excel add-in for genetic max and min problems from  The only thing is that it costs $35.

FWIW, I actually bought this XLA from the developer because I wanted something to poke around with in Excel without building something in Rapidminer.  Of course you can do the same in Rapidminer, but I’m a tinkerer and a poker and this satisfied my curiosity. 🙂

UPDATE: The Genetic Algorithm Excel Addin is BACK! The developer moved websites and uploaded it back online again! Thanks Noyan!


Fast Foruier Transformation and Market Cycles With Rapidminer

For what its worth, there’s an interesting post on Fast Foruier Transformation and how to build a Rapidminer model to find  stock market cycles in the forums going on.  Members Ronmac and AWC have been kind enough to share the Rapidminer XML code and data file for it. I fooled around with it and discovered some interesting patterns in the markets,  especially using S&P500 data.

It would appear that there is a turning point in the market every 12 days or so.  Very interesting and this model  definitely  requires more analysis by yours truly…