Rapidminer 5.X Video Tutorial #12 – Using the Generate Attribute Operator to Create Trading Rules

In this video I highlight the often overlooked (I know I did) Generate Attribute operator to create trading rules. This operator is not just applicable to financial data but to any data set where you want to transform and create new attributes “on the fly.”

No sooner did I post this video that I received a notification of a new post at the Rapid-I blog about this operator. They’re going to extend nominal values in the Generate Attribute operator in Rapidminer 5.1.

  • http://www.quantisan.com Paul

    Very useful video once again. A few more tweaks and RM could serve as a complete algo trading system…

    And thanks a lot for the link to my blog! I only noticed it just now!

  • http://www.neuralmarkettrends.com Tom

    @Paul: thanks Paul!

  • Tomm

    Great video!

  • Svetlana

    Hi Tom,
    Your tutorials are really fantastic! Great work! For my final project I have to do tutorial for WhiBo platform (I don’t know if you have heard for it, its very useful, check it out on http://www.whibo.fon.bg.ac.rs), so I wanted to ask you which software did you use for your tutorial (I hope its some open source :))), and if you have some tips to give how to make as good tutorial as you did. Thank you a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Svetlana: I used Camstasia to record the tutorial, you can get a demo for 30 days. Aftewards you have to pay like $299 for it. I have heard about WhiBo and have actually had one of the developers, Milian Vukicevic, write a guest post here: http://www.neuralmarkettrends.com/2010/09/29/what-is-the-whibo-plugin-for-rapidminer/

  • melchiaros


    I just want to give you the hint that your flash embedding on Tutorial 12 is broken.

    I see in firefox10.02:

    [flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Rapidminer5-Vid12.mp4 /]

  • http://www.neuralmarkettrends.com Tom

    Thanks Melchiaros, I will fix it.