Welcome to Neural Market Trends! We are a machine learning and data science  blog created by Thomas Ott in 2007. It has primarily been focused on RapidMiner Tutorials and their application to the Financial Markets. The blog has since branched out to include many different type of Tutorials in written and video format and topics with a broad topic range.

Our goal is to provide readers with current and relevant data science and machine learning news and tutorials to help you decode this ever changing technology space.

Guest Posting

Neural Market Trends selectively accepts guest posts from Authors on topics ranging from Data Science, Financial Markets, RapidMiner, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, and anything Machine Learning related. Broader topics may include career growth in STEM related industries to experiences in working at a high tech startup. Please send a short summary of your proposed post to (tom %%at– neuralmarkettrends %% com).

If your post is accepted, we require your post written in Markdown or Word DOCX format.  The Author will be included in our Author’s page with a link back to your site, if you like.

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