November 1, 2011

A Botched R” plugin installation in Rapidminer - Solution

I decided to install the R” plugin in Rapidminer recently and seriously botched the process.  I botched it so bad that Rapidminer got stuck in an installation loop that would ask me to Exit - Restart Rapidminer” continuously.  I couldn’t get Rapidminer to load and I was stuck.  So what’s the course of action if something like this happens to you?

First and foremost, go to the experts.   I went to the Rapid-I forums and searched for R plugin” and in about 10 seconds I found the answer to what I was looking for. Following Sebastian’s answer to a poster’s similar problem,  I found my extensions.xml file and edited it.  Then I restarted Rapidminer and all was well again the land of data analytics.

So if this happens to you, just search for the extensions.xml file in your .RapidMiner5 directory and delete out offending plugin.

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