June 18, 2013

AAII Fund Portfolio - R Code

I’m uploading, as a text file, the R code for generating my AAII Fund Portfolio charts.  It’s really simple, uses Quantmod, and pulls daily data from Yahoo. 

What makes this code really neat is the use of the Quantmod package.  This is the package that allows you create stock charts, add technical data to them, and even do backtesting!  Take this code and make it your own. I would to see what you do with this code. Please share a link in the comments if you make something cool with it.

AAII Portfolio.txt

To use the above file, just 1) download and save it, 2) open the text file and save as AAII Portfolio.R, 3) load R and open the script file.  This assumes you have the Quantmod package installed, if not you can go here to download it.

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