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AI Overloads look to beat Go champion

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Google’s Deepmind is about to make AI history. Google developed AlphaGo, a deep learning program, to challenge Lee Sedol.

Lee Sedol is an 18 time world champion and AlphaGo is beating the pants off him. AlphaGo just won it’s 3rd game (out of 5) and it’s looking like it will sweep all 5 games.

I’m quite astounded and amazed. Just two years ago I told Ingo that I thought it wouldn’t happen for decades, but he had more faith in AI research and development than I did. In fact he reminded me of it! :)

Betting that #AI cannot do X” has been a losing bet for X=#Chess, Go, #SelfDriving cars, probably any X @ingomierswa @neuralmarket

— Gregory Piatetsky (@kdnuggets) January 28, 2016

Perhaps the best comment about this is what Greg Piatetsky of KD Nugget opined. Betting against AI is a losing bet, it’s just a matter of time before it can solve any problem.

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