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Twython & the rise of something

For the longest time I had a goal to automate Neural Market Trends with financial innovation(s) and broadcast the results to my readers. I wanted to use Rapidminer Server/Studio to build predictions using financial data, spit it out to my blog and/or twitter, lather, rinse, and repeat.

I had this goal years ago but never got around to it because I was working in a different industry. However, since that time a lot has changed. Amazon EC2 and S3 is out now, Rapidminer can live in the Cloud, new Financial Econ extensions are available, Python has continued to march forward with packages like Pandas, and Julia is on the horizon.

The fact that I’m beginning to use Python, or rather the Twython package, to finally realize my goal is cool. Right now I’m automatically posting a Tweet at 4:05PM, 5:05PM, and 6:05PM that shows my entry price and closing price for VSLR, INTC, and EWG. For the EWG post I even add the 30 day historical volatility in the Tweet. This might be super simple for a Python hacker, but for me it’s a fun tinkerish project.

Oh, did I mention that I’m doing all this via a Raspberry Pi? Yes, the Pi is perfect for stuff like this.

My next goal is to resurrect my historical volatility prediction process, automate it, and then use the Pi to mash the Rapidminer results together with an implied volatility calculation and tweet the appropriate option strategy for the upcoming week.

Mining the Minecraft Craze

My kids play Minecraft. Their friends play Minecraft. My friend’s kids play Minecraft. I run a Minecraft server for my kids and their friends.

Minecraft is everywhere.

It only makes sense for some large company to gobble up the goose that laid the golden egg and make the founders a ton of money.

More commonly known in the gaming world by his handle “Notch,” Persson
began his career as a software developer and spent four years at Candy
Crush creator King Digital Entertainment before leaving to start his
own venture. According to postings on Reddit, Persson says he grew up
in a “relatively poor family” and only began to make a stable living
when he turned his passions for programming and playing video games
into a real job. He developed “Minecraft” and released it as a demo in
2009, before going on to found Mojang in 2010 with Jakob Porsér and
CEO Carl Manneh.

“Once I got a decent job, I never really had to worry about money,”
wrote Persson on Reddit last year. “Now, all of the sudden, as a
result of how modern society works, I managed to somehow earn a
shit-ton of money.” Forbes

While this is game is a big phenomenon, and I’m sure will make MSFT a ton of money, I’m waiting to see if they will screw this acquisition up, stifle innovation, and alienate the vibrant Minecraft Community in the process. In my personal experience, it’s very rare that a “start-up” can integrate well with the behemoth that acquires it.

C’est la vie.

Status Update

It’s been a while since my last update but I was extremely busy with work, Rapidminer World, and finally a nice vacation overseas.

Rapidminer Related:

  1. Working on a lot of new POCs
  2. Hosted the Hackathon with Tobias for Rapidminer World
  3. Had a chance to sit in on some great presentations at Rapidminer World

Personal Related:

  1. Went swimming at Sandy Hook with my fitbit, needless to say it broke. Took a few weeks to replace it.
  2. Visited my extended family in China and Macau. Took a side trip to Taiwan, great times indeed!
  3. Drank way too much beer and ate way too much yummy food on vacation. Ouch!
  4. My daily steps broke through 1,000,000 (total).

Steps April 2014-Sept 2014

Portfolio Update

I going to start posting my long term portfolio positions in my non-401k accounts. It’ll be a mix of Mutual Funds, ETF’s, and stocks. There is no magical trend following algorithm or secret sauce black box, just investing for the long term.


Rapidminer World – Time to Register!

The agenda for this year’s Rapidminer World (formerly RCOMM) is fast filling up with some great speakers and presentations, check out the agenda here. If you’re a student, you can get special pricing with a current and valid ID, so you have no excuse to come!

Why am I pimping this? Because I had an utter blast at RCOMM 2010! I met so many cool people there and I got listen to exciting applications and use cases. Rapidminer users were developing processes and applications that the world is just realizing its potential, how cool is that? To be on the cutting edge?

You should go, you won’t regret it! I’m going to be there myself, so come by and meet the team. I’ll buy you a beer!

Twitter OAuth in Rapidminer

This is why I love the Rapidminer Community. There are so many smart people out there sharing their Rapidminer processes with us that it keeps upping the game. Youtube user Sean C just posted a video on how to use Rapidminer and Twitter OAuth in a set of seamless processes to mine FIFA related Twitter feeds. Just plain awesome and make sure to subscribe to Sean C’s channel! Sean even shares the XML source code here.

Status Update

A couple of notable things happened this past week:

Rapidminer Related:

  1. Started recording some new tips and tricks videos
  2. Picked up some new clients for new POC’s

Personal Related:

  1. Broke my left pinkie toe as I was packing for our camping trip
  2. Fitness (walking) challenge is currently on hold for me. That includes kickboxing. Notice the trend down in the chart below
  3. Camped at Swartswood St. Park again. Everyone had a great time

Fitbit Chart
Steps_2014_06_23 to 2014_07_01

Swartswood St. Park

Status Update

I’ve been busy the past month at Rapidminer and in my personal life. I’m starting to use this blog as a way to keep a status update of what I’ve been doing and reading (see my pinboard).

Time Period June 1, 2014 to June 22, 2014

Rapidminer related:

  1. Learned that the Set Operators in Rapidminer are your friend and can
    save you from a night of insanity.
  2. Worked on a big Proof of Concept (POC) for a consumer goods company.
  3. Participated in a Big Data panel
    discussion at Ramapo College for BAASANA’s 2014 Conference.

Personal related:

  1. Did Kickboxing three times, love it but it kills my body right now, so I have to go slow.
  2. Watched a bunch of World Cup Games, Go #USA!
  3. Walked almost 256,000 steps or almost 117.5 miles (see image below).
  4. Lost 5lbs.
  5. Started reading “The Sun Also Rises” by Hemingway.

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