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Advanced Cross Validation Techniques in RapidMiner

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My old colleague Tong Ji explains some advanced concepts of Cross Validation in RapidMiner.

My notes from the video are below:

  • Another way to split the data in Batch Cross Validation (Batch CV)
  • Batch CV you an specify certain values to split on
  • Example: You run a sales offices in many regions, you can use Batch CV to split on the regions and use the other regions for testing.
  • RapidMiner example uses Sonar data and splits on Region
  • Sliding Window Validation operator is used in time series data
  • The generic performance operator is the Performance operator
  • Performance operator gives you ROC, Accuracy, Confusion Matrix)
  • There are specific performance operators for Classification tasks, Regression Tasks, etc.
  • Question: What are the difference/similarities with CV and fitness tests?
  • Question: If you get different results from different validations, how do you interpret this?

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