January 3, 2017

Latest Writing Elsewhere for December 2016

It’s hard to believe but 2016 is over. Here’s a list of my writings elsewhere in December 2016. I’m also including some RapidMiner community solutions that I had a hand in solving.

  1. The Many Tools of Data Prep: Feature Generation & Selection
  2. Upgrading RapidMiner: Where did my Processes Go?!
  3. The Many Tools of Data Prep: Data Types and Conversions
  4. The Many Tools of Data Prep: Data Quality
  5. Operationalizing Analytics — It Shouldn’t Have to Hurt!

Using formulas inside RapidMiner Studio:


Do you really need to do a full re-install of RapidMiner Server?


Excute R vs R Scripting extension. Which is the right one?


Missing Values or Filtering? Which is best?




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