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I owe RapidMiner a great debt for creating a visual data science platform that allowed a non-programmer like me to learn data science. Yes, it took many years of personal motivation to learn data science AND some programming + SQL along the way, but it was worth it!

I’m going to be adding more “Learn Data Science” links and information so that you can learn Data Science along the way too.

Getting Started with RapidMiner

If you’re brand new to Data Science and don’t know how to program, then go straight to RapidMiner and download Studio. Install it and then watch this great set of “Getting Started Videos” here. This will get you familiar with the Studio interface, loading data, building your first model, evaluating it, and so on.


Below is a list of books I used over the years for Data Science, programming, and visualization references. You can use them to learn data science, general programming, or make cool visualizations. They run the gamut of subjects and I’ll update the list with things that I actually use. Yes, these are affiliate links here so I’d appreciate it if you bought any of these items via those links.

RapidMiner Related

Really awesome “getting started” with data mining, machine learning, and data science. You can get a copy of the book for free here.

Python Related

D3js related (Visualizations)

Google Visualizations Related

R Language Related

Note: I try to avoid coding in R like the plague, but that’s me. A very helpful book nevertheless.

Julia Programming

Not in my Library yet (wishlist)

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