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My latest Twitter "Likes"

Comparing outcomes and foreign policy for Trump vs Hillary in a more rigorous way pic.twitter.com/ujwQS3iXmb

— NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) May 15, 2016

Interesting and surprising that no student could recognize a bot TA! #machinelearning #datamining #nlp #BigData https://t.co/VeyLdEMv7T

— Srijan Kumar (@srijankedia) May 7, 2016

hey. look what’s trending on Facebook. pic.twitter.com/8rWNavwq4p

— Kashmir Hill (@kashhill) May 9, 2016

Comparing and Computing Performance Metrics in Cross-Validation - Imbalanced Class Problems and 3 Ways to Compute F1 https://t.co/o264kiJZgT

— Sebastian Raschka (@rasbt) May 4, 2016

Does the #baseball season really come down to just 54 games? https://t.co/4hwCzsDfV5 #Statistics #DataScience pic.twitter.com/6AIzRuEgdr

— Michael Burkhardt (@mihobu) May 3, 2016

Making efficient use of my new Skylake CPU using #RapidMiner with #OldWorldComputings upcoming Jackhammer extension pic.twitter.com/XlfgsDT2LI

— Sebastian Land (@stiefelolm) April 30, 2016

MWC is short Ströer $SAX GR. Related party deals, accounting issues, cashing out, China style governance. https://t.co/3v94wYtXVp

— MuddyWatersResearch (@muddywatersre) April 21, 2016

NSFW: I know this isn’t a Twitter Like, but a blast from the past. This is not me. lol

I just published Why I’m Killing the Marketing Qualified Lead” https://t.co/oSytz0sA8A

— Tom Wentworth (@twentworth12) May 17, 2016

Must read.

The Amazon Economy. $AMZN pic.twitter.com/etHDpjC9Bp

— Charlie Bilello, CMT (@MktOutperform) May 18, 2016

@neuralmarket squee

— Fluffle Puff (@Fluffle_bot) May 5, 2016
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