Particle Swarm Optimization in Python

I found and installed the ECSPY evolutionary computation package and fiddled around with it. Considering I learned how to define and use functions in Python now, the example code (txt) for this Particle Swarm Optimiztation (PSO) chart below is beginning to make sense.

Particle Swarm Image

Long time Neural Market Trends readers might be wondering why I’m suddenly posting about Python and not Rapidminer? It’s a valid question and I do have answers.

First off, I always wanted to learn a programming language because I’ve felt that not knowing a programming language has held me back career wise, especially when I’m manipulating and data mining oodles of financial data.

Second, Python is a great way to get my feet wet learning programming! Its fun and easy so far! Ultimately the goal is to learn Java so I can truly extend Rapidminer by creating custom operators, but learning Java at this stage of the game is like swallowing a whole elephant at once; not going to happen! So I’ll start with eating a Python first.


6 thoughts on “Particle Swarm Optimization in Python”

  1. Good luck with the learning. I am focusing on Mathematica 8 and bought the home edition to learn more about programming and math.

    1. The last time I used Mathematica was as an undergrad, a long time ago. It was clunky back then but probably a lot faster and better now. How much did the home edition run ya?

      1. UK price for the Hobbie (non-professional) version is 195 GBP. Its dosnt look like its crippled in any way, all the features of the pro version, just with:
        “Mathematica Home Edition is not licensed for commercial, nonprofit, academic, or government use”

  2. You might want to check out Jython (, which is an implementation of the Python language that runs on top of the JVM. Consequently, you may well be able to write your extensions for Rapidminer in Jython (although explicit support in Rapidminer for Jython may also be required).

    1. Hi Jim, I know about jPython but I’m not there yet but I was going to investigate that when its time. If that doesn’t work, the orange data mining suite I believe is Python wrapped around C++ libraries. Thanks for the tip!

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