May 3, 2011

R and Rapidminer Together = Disruptive Technology!

I’ve been teaching myself R now that I finally got Rapidminer’s R plugin to work.  It’s  pretty slick program and easy to learn, I’ve picked up so many things quickly.  I extensively use the PerformanceAnalytics, Quantmod, and tseries packages for R and on top of that, I started to recreate A Physicist on Wall Street’s awesome Rapidminer + R Example for Trading tutorial. So far so good.

It’s fantastic that I can now download stock quotes, using the R plugin, right into Rapidminer and then model those time series.  Yes the native R software has a few learning algorithms, but they in no way match Rapidminer’s breadth and depth.  That, and with Rapidminer’s ability to handle large data sets effeciently, and R’s statistical analytic and graphing powers, makes the Rapidminer and R combination a disruptive technology in my book.

Download it today, play with it, it will make your data shine in ways you can only dream of.

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