September 14, 2010

RCOMM 2010 - Having A Blast!

Wow, RCOMM 2010 is so much fun! After an exhausting flight to Frankfurt, I made it to RCOMM 2010 late Tuesday afternoon.  I got to listen to two great talks so far and watch a hilarious game show, Who wants to be a data miner.”

The Rapid-i team has really done a great job of hosting this event and its amazing to hear how people are using Rapidminer to solve complex tasks to make everyday life better.

After the game show we all went down for dinner at the Krautergarten and had some great food, drink, and of course conversation.  I’ve made lots of new friends and went to bed very late.   Now the trick is to be awake, on time,  and coherent for my presentation. lol.

(from the game show event)

(the after RCOMM 2010 dinner)

(ofc I have to enjoy a good German beer, or three)

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