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The 7 Jobs that will be Killed by Robots

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My notes from the article:

  • Another ‘scare the people’ article
  • AI is coming for everyone, alledgedly
  • List 7 jobs that are in peril
  • Truckers are probably not going away, AI will assist for better safety though
  • Autonomous driving vehicles will happen one day but right now they they can be fooled IMHO
  • Some construction workers will be replaced. No doubt about that after I saw how a house is 3d printed and the bricklaying machine
  • Some routine tasks in the legal field will be replaced but laws keep changing and lawyers + their assistants want to keep making their $ rates
  • I think a lot of basic diagnostics will be replaced by AI (cat scanning, etc) but robot surgeons? I’d hate to have my robot surgeon hacked by North Korea or something
  • Accountants are quite possibly very endangered IMHO. There’s a lot of automation going on in this field for sure
  • Financial writers (editors) quite possibly will be replaced in the future if more financial data becomes machine readable and organized the same. Have you ever tried loading SEC data? Atrocious
  • Sellers are in BIG trouble but not necessarily from the machines - yet. Mostly the traditional sales reps are being replaced by PQL type of models. The way of doing business has changed in the world today
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