August 2016 Blog Income Report

I had a better month. I made a whopping $3.62, most of it through a single click! I was on track to be just as bad as July but my SEO changes have started bringing in more traffic.

Blog Income August 2016Blog Income August 2016

I did make one big change that will affect the Google Adsense income, I changed my template. That caused the sidebar to disappear and valuable ad space.

I’ll continue to monitor this but I might ditch the Google Adsense in favor of actual sponsors. I’ll sell a small ad space for a reasonable price based on my unique pageviews.


June 2016 Blog Income Report

This month I made less in Google Adsense than I did the previous month. This month I generated $1.91 which is just barely 0.20 of a roll of Porta 400 film.

If I add that to last month’s income, I’d have a whopping 0.47 rolls of film, less than half. At this rate, by September I could cash out and get a single roll of film. LOL.

Blog Income June 2016Blog Income June 2016