September 22, 2010

Text Mining Annual Reports


I’m playing around with Rapidminer’s powerful text mining tools to dig through annual reports this evening and I’m making progress.  Rapidminer can text mine all sorts of formats but the operators are still a bit tough to use if you don’t know what you’re doing, like me!  Still, I did pick up a thing or two at RCOMM and I’m putting that to good use.

For tonight I decided to mine through the annual reports of $CSCO, $XOM, $INTC, $AMD, and $BP.  Granted, these stocks are in three different industry groups but I’m just poking around to see how they use buzz words like sustainability” and greenhouse.” It’s all rather fun and silly, but wait till I post about my Twitter mining experiment.  LOL.

“Sustainability” buzzword

(Note: AMD never used it but BP did the most)

“Greenhouse” buzzword

(Note: AMD never used it but BP did the most)

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