$100 Forex Experiment - Profits Galore

Friday was a damn good day trading Forex! I made over $2 in profits from the GBPUSD currency pair alone (roughly 1.8%). I was elated to make such a good profit but I must remain humble. I can’t let my ego or euphoria get a hold of me or else I will get slaughtered. The same goes for emotions of greed, I must remain zen like and take profits when I see them.

I’m posting a chart so you can see how my how my GBPUSD trade worked out in the end; I sold darn near the top (luck)! I’m still holding my EURUSD position and entered a new one in AUDUSD Friday afternoon. The trend analysis keeps telling me to be short the USD and long pretty much everything else (Yen not included).

GBPUSD, 4/28/2007GBPUSD, 4/28/2007

I’ll be posting my April 2007 Forex results probably on Tuesday and you can follow along (or audit my results) on this new page I created.

Up next $100 Forex Experiment Event Driven Analysis On Friday morning I caught Wallstrip’s chat with Tim Wolters, of Collective Intellect, who uses statistical models to extract knowledge from
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