$100 Forex Experiment - Profits Galore

Posted on Sa 28 April 2007 in Forex • 1 min read

Friday was a damn good day trading Forex! I made over $2 in profits from the GBPUSD currency pair alone (roughly 1.8%). I was elated to make such a good profit but I must remain humble. I can't let my ego or euphoria get a hold of me or else I will get slaughtered. The same goes for emotions of greed, I must remain zen like and take profits when I see them.

I'm posting a chart so you can see how my how my GBPUSD trade worked out in the end; I sold darn near the top (luck)! I'm still holding my EURUSD position and entered a new one in AUDUSD Friday afternoon. The trend analysis keeps telling me to be short the USD and long pretty much everything else (Yen not included).


I'll be posting my April 2007 Forex results probably on Tuesday and you can follow along (or audit my results) on this new page I created.