$1,000 Forex Experiment

Posted on Mo 13 Dezember 2010 in misc • 1 min read

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    I think I'll restart my $100 Forex Experiment again in 2011 but up the ante this time to $1,000.  I probably won't start trading until mid January to early February after I recompile and rebuild some neural net models.  If you remember from my old $100 Forex Experiment, I witnessed about an 11% drawdown the first month as I was fiddling around with my system,. I hope to avoid that in 2011, but you never know.

    My process is simple. I use neural nets or SVM's to confirm that the trend remains intact for some currency pairs, and then use good ol' support/resistance spots to go long or short as the case may be.  I like to place limit orders for overnight moves to capitalize on London's open and then close any trades before 8AM NYC time.   Yes, its that simple.

    Let's see if I can recreate the 50% return again.