20 Million Marks

Posted on Mo 08 März 2010 in misc • 1 min read

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    When I was I kid I used to collect stamps and baseball cards, just like nearly every other American kid does. Then, about 3 years ago I started collecting US coin sets, mostly proofs from the US mint for my kids (they make great presents BTW).

    As a lover of history and economics, coin/money collecting (numismatics) just made sense to me and now I go to the monthly coin show in my area and spend a few hours a week on Ebay searching for for interesting coins and paper money for my collection.  Just this week I picked up something that reminds me of runaway inflation from the past.  Its a 1923 - 20 Million Marks bank note from the Weimar Republic of Germany.   Inflation was so rampant during the Wiemar Republic that people used these notes as wall paper.  

    Since I want to own a piece of history, I bought it for $1.75 from Ebay.  Goes to show you, one man's wall paper is another man's treasure.