Random Thoughts

Posted on Fr 08 Juni 2007 in Stocks • 1 min read

I spent the first four days of this week training in Virginia for work. I had a great time and met lots of smart and interesting people during my visit, including several ex-military people. The common phrase I heard from all those who had served in Iraq was, "I ain't going back there again!"

Taking Amtrak's Acela train was a pleasant experience but I expected a lot more from its performance. My major complaint was its "bumpiness" during several stretches of track.

My wife bought a pair of Crocs while I was gone and she loves them! Based on her purchase and the shooting star it formed yesterday, I have to say that the top is in for Crocs Inc! :)

I read a CNN article about Mr. Bond King, Bill Gross, becoming bearish on Bonds. He believes that 10 year T-note yields could reach as high as 6.5%. The magic yield number for a big stock sell off, based on my analysis, is somewhere around 5.5%.

I posted about an increase in volatility for the S&P500 yesterday and what happens? Every trader out there must've read my article and sells the market. I have one favor to ask, do it again today so I can buy.