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Posted on Fr 15 Juni 2007 in Stocks • 2 min read

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This week’s trend thoughts focuses on an industry that I’m very familiar with, infrastructure. I’ve been thinking about the global aspect of this topic since I read an article about how General Electric is poised to capture some of the explosive construction growth internationally.

Globally, countries like China and India understand that a strong infrastructure equals a strong economy and have been building rapidly just to be able to respond to the needs of their global customers. Meanwhile, we’re content to ride on the coattails of our crumbling infrastructure and turn a blind eye to ever shrinking budget for capital improvement projects.

We were once the global leader in infrastructure in the early part of the 20th century but have since fallen on dark times. The American Society of Engineers Infrastructure Report Card gives our infrastructure an overall grade of “D” and estimates that we will need about $1.6 Trillion dollars to fix, upgrade, and revitalize it.

I can’t begin to quantify just how big the domestic and international market for infrastructure is, but I’m very interested in investing in it! Since Monday, I’ve come across a few ETF’s and Stocks that warrant my further research in this emerging new trend and I'm sure I'll spend some time over the coming weeks doing some due diligence on them. Please remember to do your own due diligence before investing in these companies.

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Disclosure: I own GE stock.

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