S&P500 Volatility Report

Posted on So 21 Oktober 2007 in misc • 1 min read

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    SP500 Volatility ReturnsFriday was a BUY but I didn't do anything. Nope, I'm not biting till we drop (if) to the low 1400's. Somehow I doubt that this will happen and Monday is likely to open higher. The returns based on my indicator and timing system are still very positive for the year, let's hope we have a nice Santa Rally after Thanksgiving!

    Anyway, attached is this week's chart's in PDF form. If you have keen eyes, you'll notice that nice volatility spike on the Volatility Chart. Then you'll notice my indicator shoot through 1. Have a great week all!

    SP500 Volatility Chart 101907

    SP500 Volatility Indicator 101907