Random Thoughts

• 1 min read

After a week like this, I’m glad the weekend is here. I need time to relax and not think about this imploding market.  Although things are really bad out there, and will likely get worse before its over, I’m pretty upbeat.  I’m upbeat because I believe we will see a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy some great, and surviving, companies.  The hard part is figuring out when to get long.

Just like countless others investors out there, my money is trapped in a 401K, and its painful to watch years of gains evaporate.  Although timing the market by averaging down, I’m still showing a big short term loss. Many of my co-workers don’t have that luxury and are extremely stressed, especially those who planned on retiring in the next 5 years.

If things are stressing you out, I want to offer this piece of advice to you.  The most important thing you have in your life is not money, but your health and family. It’s in these darkest hours that we need to support each other and invest in humanity.  Be calm and be at peace.

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