Datascience Link Roundup

A list of five data science related links that I found interesting:

  • Tensorflow 2 is officially out. It has tighter integration with Keras (see changelog here). I wonder if it will just eat Keras completely.
  • Interesting artcile on using "AI for portfolio management: from Markowitz to Reinforcement Learning." Some stuff that we've seen before but the part on Reinforcment Learning is interesting.
  • Startup Fiddler rasies $10 million. They're trying to develop 'an “explainable” engine that’s designed to analyze, validate, and manage AI solutions.' Aren't we all.
  • A few Python libraries that help with explainability. LIME is in there but the others I did not know about. Must investigate further...
  • Chinese PingAn Technology can predict flu outbreaks to a 90% accuracy. It's all about disease containment.

Updated! I added a bunch more links below because I thought it would be more useful!

  • Get a free ebook from on Machine Learning Interpretability (MLI) here. This link takes you to a Twitter post.
  • Oh my, this will NOT end well. Microsoft unleashes an AI bot to generate fake comments to news articles.
  • ScikitOptmize is a cool new library that let's you auto-optimize your hyperparameters.
  • Just like China, we're using AI to rank people. This is damn scary and I don't like it, even it does some good in some cases.
  • Facebook's Libra is in trouble as Mastercard and Visa rethink it. I say, Vive Le Bitcoin!
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