30 Year Bond Yield Wants To Go Lower

Yes I posted this great chart about two weeks ago, but it's amazing what time can do for perspective. The yield is below 2% and wants to go lower. I suspect it will continue to go lower as the Trump Trade War rages on and his stupid policies start to manifest.

30 Year Bond Yield, 09/03/2019

Quite honestly, there needs to be a complete shakeup to our economy. We need to transition to green energies, zero waste, and fundamentally change the old Industrial Revolution ways of thinking and working to the new Technical Revolution ways.

Update 10/07/2019:

It appears that the 30 Year Bond Yield has rebounded back to the 50 DMA but it still wants to go down. This is NOT good in my humble opinion. With all the news about Trump's shady White House dealings, I suspect the yield will slip below 2% again.

30 Year Bond Yield, 10/07/2019

The Trump Trade War is slowly coming home to roost and while we have the lowest umeployment in 50 years, the manufacturing index is dropping like a rock. This is the last call for 'alcohol' at the party, the morning after hangover is going to be a doozy.

Buy Bitcoin is my answer.

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