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Neural Market Trends
Machine Learning Making Pesto Tastier Apr 4, 2019 Food & machine learning Waterfall Now this is something I can get behind, using machine learning to make Pesto tastier! The article is really about growing Basil with 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do Apr 1, 2019 Education & Children & thoughts Understanding how adults and children learn is something I’ve been interested in ever since I became a Dad. My wife and I stay heavily invested in The Pyschology of Writing Mar 29, 2019 Writing & thoughts I found this interesting article on Pocket about writing. The gist of it is that successful writing is about rituals. Every writer is different and TensorFlow and High Level APIs Mar 16, 2019 TensorFlow & Data Science & machine learning TensorFlow I got a chance to watch this great presentation on the upcoming release of TensorFlow v2 by Martin Wicke. He goes over the big Driving Marketing Performance with H2O Driverless AI Mar 11, 2019 & machine learning I watched this great video of G5 explaining how they use H20-3, AutoML, and Driverless AI to build an NLP model and put it in production. Machine Learning and Data Munging in H2O Driverless AI with datatable Feb 24, 2019 & machine learning I missed this presentation at H2O World and I’m glad it was recorded. Pasha Stetsenko and Oleksly Kononenko give a great presentation on the Python Making AI Happen Without Getting Fired Feb 21, 2019 & AI & Business & thoughts From I watched Mike Gualtieri’s keynote presentation from H2O World San Francisco (2019) and found it to be very insightful from a Latest Musings from a Traveling Sales Engineer Feb 17, 2019 Sales & thoughts Writers gonna write! February is shaping up to be a big traveling month for me. I was in Mountain View at the end of January for Sales Kick Off and The Night before H2O World 2019 Feb 2, 2019 & social I’m in Mountain View this week for our annual Sales Kick-Off meeting and will be staying for H2O World this coming Monday and Tuesday. If our Why Forex Trading is Frustrating Jan 28, 2019 Forex & thoughts Or rather, why Forex trading is frustrating at a bucket shop like Oanda. I really don’t know which is the right statement to make because I can’t Functional Programming in Python Jan 13, 2019 Python & Automation & Programming & thoughts I’m spending time trying to understand the differences between writing classes and functions in Python. Which one is better and why? From what I’m Automatic Feature Engineering with Driverless AI Jan 9, 2019 & machine learning Dmitry Larko, Kaggle Grandmaster, and Senior Data Scientist at goes into depth on how to apply feature engineering in general and Ray Dalio's Pure Alpha Fund Jan 7, 2019 Investing & Automation & thoughts Ray Dalio’s Pure Alpha Fund returned 14.6% for 2018. That’s an amazing feat considering the majority of hedge funds averaged a loss of 6.7%. How What's new in Driverless AI? Dec 26, 2018 & machine learning Arno, H2O’s CTO, gave a great 1+ hour overview in what’s new with Driverless AI version 1.4.1. If you check back in a few weeks/months, it’ll Latest Writings Elsewhere - December 2018 Dec 21, 2018 Writing & & social I’m happy to announce my very first article went live on the blog! Writers gonna write! It’s been a long time since I contributed to my House Buying Guide for Millennials Dec 15, 2018 Investing & Real Estate & thoughts I’ve been thinking of writing a no-nonsense house buying guide for Millennials. I want to share my experiences and expertise in the engineering Changing Pinboard Tags with Python Dec 12, 2018 Python & Automation & Pinboard & machine learning Welcome to another automation post! This is a super simple Python script for changing misspelled or wrong tags in your Pinboard account. I started Automate Feed Extraction and Posting it to Twitter Dec 10, 2018 Python & Automation & Twitter & machine learning I wrote a small Python script to automate feed extraction and posting it to Twitter. The feed? My feed burner feed for this site. The script is Flux: A Machine Learning Framework for Julia Dec 7, 2018 Julia & machine learning There was a HUGE announcement on the Julia blog a few days ago. The convergence of a language for machine learning and marrying it with a compiler Getting Started in Data Science Part 2 Dec 5, 2018 Data Science & machine learning I’m finally getting around to writing Part 2 of Getting Started in Data Science. The first part can be found here. I made suggestions for
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