Rapidminer pushes the envelope with Information Extraction

• 1 min read

information-extractionI've been waiting for this plugin ever since Felix Jungermann showcased it at RCOMM 2010! It seems all the really cool things were showcased there and I wonder what's in store for RCOMM 2011, but I digress.

Felix has been busy since then and he's finally released a compiled .JAR file for his Information Extraction plugin.  This is a quantum leap in text mining, in my opinion, and will be the next big thing.  Now you can parse text data and find associated information with your word tokens.  Wild.

It's really easy to get started with this.  Just download the .JAR file and save it under the /lib/plugins director in your Rapid-I directory.  Then load up RM and it shows up as a new set of operators.

Have a fun sleepless weekend playing with this.


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