A Simple INTC Chart

A Simple INTC Chart

After yesterday’s not so simple GOOG chart adventure, I spent more time digging around the matplotlib website and discovered the matplotlib.finance module. Grabbing a python chart example code from the matplotlib site and applying the axis labeling lessons I learned from previous day, I was able to create this $INTC red/green candlestick chart.

INTC Stockchart

Granted, I still don’t understand all the code in the example, but its becoming less of a mystery to me. There are bits and pieces I understand and I’m able to tweak things. After all, it would be silly to reinvent the wheel all over again! Right?

Up next A Not So Simple GOOG Chart What I am about to post is a simple $GOOG chart created by a python script that I grabbed off Trainee Trader’s site.  While creating a line chart Particle Swarm Optimization in Python I found and installed the ECSPY evolutionary computation package and fiddled around with it. Considering I learned how to define and use functions
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