ATS Development Starts!

Posted on Fr 25 April 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    I had a great meeting last night with my ATS team! We're all on board and we're all roaring to go! The next step is for me to write down my trading strategy into something called "pseudocode." Essentially is a simple outline of statements that the developers will use to code the ATS. This will require some thinking on my part because a lot my trading strategy is in my head and transforming those "organic thoughts" into hard code will be challenging for me.

    We do have some housekeeping things to take care of like signing a Nondisclosure Agreement in case the team falls apart. Although I doubt that will happen, you still have to be business smart and protect your hard work (not just mine but the teams).

    Despite that, I'm very excited that the ATS is moving into production. The team is really motivated since they have no understanding of how the markets work and they want to learn how to better make money in the markets; geed is an wonderful motivator!