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CurrencyAlthough I haven’t placed a trade yet, I’m busy stalking the currency markets again. I’ve been watching the [EURUSD]{.small-caps}, [AUDUSD]{.small-caps}, [USDJPY]{.small-caps}, and [EURJPY]{.small-caps} pairs again and I’m seeing some interesting things happening. I think we’re seeing possibly trend exhaustion in the [EURUSD]{.small-caps} and [AUDUSD]{.small-caps} pair signaling a possibly a top.

Why do you ask? Well I think the rumors of the [USD]{.small-caps}[]{.push-single}[’]{.pull-single}s demise are greatly exaggerated. While I agree that the [USD]{.small-caps} will remain week in the months or years to come, the collapse of the [US]{.small-caps} empire isn’t going to happen when we’re all watching it. It’s going to be a [BSE]{.small-caps} just when we think everything in the world is peachy keen. On top of this, Bernanke is shifting to an inflation watch so interest rates have no where to go but up. Higher rates means stronger dollar.

Still though, the trends for the Euro and Aussie Dollar remains [UP]{.small-caps} and we shouldn’t fight the tape. We should be very cautious and always place our stops.

Oh Forex, How I Love Thee!

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