The Bear Market is Roaring

No matter what the Fed does it can't stop this Bear Market. Everyone's afraid of Covid-19 but I'm willing to bet there's a major structural event happening under the price currents. I'm not one to catch a falling knife so I'm staying on the sidelines for a while longer. Why? Sadly, I think the positive cases of Covid-19 will increase and so will the fatalities. We haven't seen complete panic yet but when a few 'rich' people or politicians get sick and even die then it will hit everyone across all economic classes.

S&P5000, 03/23/2020

Price moves have been so violent and sudden that this is mindboggling. We're now eating away at gains made during the Obama years. I think we might test 1880-ish on the S&P500. That goes back to early February 2016.

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