Bitcoin is not dead

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According to Howard Bitcoin is not dead. I agree with him that price is a big indicator of where things are going but I can’t help but wonder that this sudden uptick in cryptocurrency jobs is just a lag effect from when Bitcoin was $19,000.

I know people on both sides of the Bitcoin/blockchain fence. The risk takers tend to be long Bitcoin whereas the lower risk folks tend to think it’s a sham.

That, right there folks, is a market. The Bulls and Bears in our daily life.


I posted this article back in April of this year. Since then Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have collapsed in a spectacular fashion. The air camp out of this sector and many people got caught holding the bag. 

When I get to around to reposting the conversation I overhead in the old office, about a guy’s son investing all his savings in Bitcoin, I think you’ll cry. 

Do I still have some Ripple and Ethereum, yes. I will probably hold that stuff till it’s worthless. 

Did I lose BIG money in this? Nope. I cashed out a lot of positions on the way up and reinvested the ‘house’ winnings in other crap.