The Blockchain is Rife for Innovation

I just saw a post about Civic.com from Howard’s blog. It’s one of his angel investments that’s offering a crowd sourcing event to raise money. It’s looking to raise about $33 million and I find crowd sourcing to be a novel way to sidestep the slimy aspects of the IPO market on Wall Street. What are you really paying for anyway? Access to a market and the Blockchain is the ultimate market.

What’s Civic?

Civic is a new way to create decentralized identification using biometrics from your phone, and it all gets stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

They have a really great innovative product I can see them being a big takeover play for some established security company.

I’m going to nibble

I’m going to make a very small purchase in this startup because it’s similar to an idea I had a month ago about using smart contracts for the blockchain. I was seriously thinking of cobbling together a small team to see if my idea had any legs but now realize that this is so much better. If ya can’t beat them, buy a part of them!

Read more about ERC20 standard here.

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