Top 50 Greatest Science Fiction Novels

Reading is and always will be one of my favorite past times. When I was younger and had more time on my hands, I loved to read science fiction. From space to swords and sorcery. Now, as I’m older, I tend to read more biographies, some fiction, and more non-fiction as time permits. The last three books I read – in no particular order – was “To have and have not,” “2001, A Space Odyssey,” and “Kitchen Confidential.’ Still, I do enjoy a good science fiction book every once in a while. 

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Blog Updates

I recently moved Neural Market Trends back to WordPress and had to migrate close to 300 markdown posts back into a MySQL database. For the most part, it all went smooth until it came to the posts starting from April 2018. Not sure why, but then it refused to import them.

I had to manually import about 30 to 40 posts and the dates got screwed up in the process. This is why there was a set of old posts being reposted with new dates, which can be a very misleading problem.

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