SEO Health Checkup

I’m busy with revamping this website, trying to rebuild its traffic. I spend my free time analyzing Google Analytics and checking Google Webmaster. This so I can start hacking my blog to be more SEO friendly. Here are four things that I learned from my SEO health checkup.

Using Online SEO Health Checkup Sites

There are many out there and they do provide a good freemium” service. Just plug your URL into them and they’ll tell you how to tune up your site. For example, I found a few CSS snags when loading on a mobile device that took a few minutes to correct. Next I found a few broken links and missing social media cards. Just do a google search for SEO Health Checkup” or SEO Analyzer,” there’s dozens out there.

Blog Platform

Your choice of blog platform will also help or hurt your SEO. Through my analysis at these above mentioned sites, I found out that Blot.Im is out of the box SEO friendly. That was a pleasant surprise and made my SEO tuning easy.

I know with WordPress or other PHP based blog platforms you have to install plugins and keep up to date with them. I take the easy way out and focus on simple permalink structures and tagging.

Write for ease of reading

You must learn to write in an easy to read way for your readers. To aid me in this I downloaded the Hemingway Editor app. This app helps me write short, declarative, and direct sentences. It makes reading my blog easier. Do I do it everytime? No but I should.

Another readability item is writing at a low grade level. A lot of times anything data science or financial market related tends to be high grade level reading. When I use the app, I can see what level I’m writing at and I shoot for Grade Level 5 or 6.

Use headings in your post

I scratched my head when I read about this one. Not having different headings in your blog post affects your SEO. Going forward I’ll break up my posts into different headings and sections.

Rebuilding a Blog – Part 2

This is my second post in rebuiling a blog series. This time I check out where my readers are coming from. It’s not suprising that my readers come from all over the world. The map below are where they came from in the first half of 2016. The majority of them came from the USA, followed by Europe, and then Asia. This does not come as a surprise and makes complete sense because the users were searching for RapidMiner Tutorials.

Neural Market Trends Reader LocationsNeural Market Trends Reader Locations

As a continuation to my previous post, I’m still sleuthing through my Google Analytics data trying to understand what is happening and why. Mostly I want to figure out a strategy so I can succeed in my roll of film quest” but if yesterday’s post was an indicator, my quest is off to a rough start!

Mobile Traffic

I got curious as I dug through my Google Analytics data. How are my readers interacting with my site? Is it mobile or is it desktop. Once again, the results aren’t surprising. 11.88% visit my site from mobile devices but the overwhelming majority (88.12%) is a desktop or tablet.

Neural Market Trends Mobile User MapNeural Market Trends Mobile User Map

Neural Market Trends Mobile SessionsNeural Market Trends Mobile Sessions

Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous and if my kids and nephews are an indicator, the desktop will go away one day. With technologies like AirDrop and Chromecast, do we really need a desktop to consume content? In the future, probably not. I think that mobile friendly blogging is a must in the near future here so this as part of my blog rebuilding, I will focus on making this site more pro-mobile.”

New vs Returning Readers

The following chart is truly interesting. The rate of returning mobile users is the same as the rate of returning desktop/tablet users.

Neural Market Trends New vs Returning Users with Mobile Pie ChartNeural Market Trends New vs Returning Users with Mobile Pie Chart

Rebuilding a Blog – Part 1

My whole buy a roll of film using Google Adsense experiment is turning out to be an eye opening one. It’s eye opening in the sense of scary. I took a look at my Google Analytics data from the start of this year through June 30th. It’s easy to see that my engagement is dwindling away.

When I actually add a trend line, I can confirm that the trend is down.

Further, If I look at the most popular blog posts it’s easy to see that it’s my RapidMiner Tutorials (milkshake) that brings all the readers to the yard.

Since I’m now spending my time on the RapidMiner Community and won’t be posting Tutorials here anymore, I expect this blog to die a very slow and painful death.

Unless I step in and stop it.

How? By rebuilding this blog and remaining relevant.

I’m starting a multi part series on how to rebuild a blog, gather metrics, and measure success. I’ll use the revenues I generate from Google Adsense and various conversion rates to gauge how well I’m doing. Of course, I’ll add a dash of Data Science in there as well using my favorite tool: RapidMiner.