Citigroup Inc (C) - I Hate Myself For Buying It!

Posted on Di 10 Juni 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    I'm either stupid or a glutton for punishment but I bought 10 additional shares of Citigroup (C) yesterday for my Roth IRA account. I figured that C was at its bottom and wouldn't go lower than $20 because my recent modeling is showing a strong pull toward a higher price, but it didn't listen to me! I went long at $20.15 and it closed at $19.60. Sheesh!

    I'm still long C in my long term holdings and loving hating it! :) For what its worth, here are some price targets for Citigroup (C) I developed using Riskamp.

    Upside Price Targets: $22, $27

    Downside Price Targets: $17, $12