Compatibility Issues Between YALE 3.4 and RapidMiner 4.0

Posted on Mo 17 März 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    I've mentioned this before but there are some compatibility issues between YALE 3.4 and RapidMiner 4.0. You can't load YALE 3.4 files into RapidMiner 4.0 directly and have it work correctly. As such, the downloads that are a part of my tutorials won't work in RapidMiner unless you build them from scratch in RapidMiner.

    My plan is to upload revised RapidMiner tutorial versions over the next few weeks, time permitting. I'm currently balance a massive work load and my time is gotten limited and I'm way behind on my new tutorials. Maybe if I have time at lunch today I'll make some edits to the tutorials...