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Posted on Di 15 Juli 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) come in so many flavors these days that it’s hard to keep track of them all. I really like them because it gives the average investor exposure to different asset classes such as currencies, commodities, and emerging markets. The beauty of ETF’s is that you can usually buy them for your 401K or IRA accounts thereby giving you the ability to diversify very broadly.

    Currently there are 8 major currency ETF’s available that I know of and they are:

    1. Australian Dollar: FXA – (chart)
    2. British Pound: FXB – (chart)
    3. Canadian Dollar: FXC – (chart)
    4. Euro: FXE – (chart)
    5. Swiss Franc: FXF – (chart)
    6. Mexican Peso: FXM – (chart)
    7. Swedish Krona: FXS – (chart)
    8. Japanese Yen: FXY – (chart)

    Sorry to all you South African Rand and Brazilian Real traders, you’ll have to stick with a currency brokerage account for now.

    Update: Soren has kindly updated the currency ETF list in the comment section; it goes to show you that it truly is hard to keep track of them all!  As a special shout-out, take a moment to sign up for Soren's Stock Tweet @ Twitter, it truly is a piece of genius.