D3js Scatter Plot in RapidMiner

rapidminer, d3js, radoop

Continuing on the theme of using D3js to visualize RapidMiner results, this time I show you how to skip putting it into a RapidMiner Server dashboard. I simply borrowed the scatterplot D3js code from mblocks and slapped into a RapidMiner process (see XML below).  Copy the XML code and you can make a D3js Scatter Plot in RapidMiner!

For this example, I’m just using the Iris data set but I have tried it with shapefiles and other data. I also use RapidMiner macros to vary the x and y axis. You can control those macros within the context view of RapidMiner.

When you execute the process, it writes two files to a tmp directory, the Iris data set in a data.js file and the actual scatterplot HTML file. The data.js file is called into the HTML file.

Note: you will need some sort of web server to be running so you can render the generated HTML file correctly. Enjoy!