Daylight Savings Time - PIA!

Posted on Mo 10 März 2008 in misc • 1 min read

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    Once again DST snuck up on me and once again its screwing with me. Every year I go through the same hassle of re-adjusting my body clock just as it gets into the Spring rhythm.

    Long time readers will note that I post either very late in the mornings or not at all during the Winter months. The reason why is that I have a hard time waking up when its dark, I need a little bit of sunlight to make me feel refreshed and ready to write. I was getting into my posting groove again until DST yesterday so expect posting to drop off a bit till I get adjusted to this change.

    I think its time to write to my elected representatives and ask them to repeal DST. Its either that or either move to Arizona where DST doesn't exist. If they don't listen to me then I'll have to direct them to these two articles on how DST is waste of energy and its bad for cows too!