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Deploying Julia with Domo

This is a short by great video of Julia in production with Domo.


JuliaCon 2018 Julia with DomoJuliaCon 2018 Julia with Domo

I really like Julia. A lot.





Notes from the video:

  • Java backend, some C++ and some Go
  • Want to be scale analytics
  • Julia iterates quickly
  • Math and Statistics are right there, easy accessible
  • Uses Resources.jl, Events.jl to Service.jl to Mapper.jl
  • All analytics done at the Service.jl layer
  • Wrapped up via Docker (this is pretty cool)
  • Includes all dependencies on docker image, great way to upgrade everything in one spot
  • Deploy into Kubernetes environment OR cloud instance
  • Open sourced config handling, context setting/handling, and process data-sharing
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