Domains For Sale

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Over the years I’ve amassed a few domains for various reasons. Some I registered even a few weeks ago. Now, I’m now doing some ‘Spring Cleaning’ and have these domains for sale. If you’re interested, please use the contact form to email me an offer. Thanks.


The AI domains are a play on the #ArtificialIntelligence tag and can be used in many ways. I was thinking of building out an AI/machinelearning type of websites with and Can be be used for educational websites too.


I was asked to build a body/sex/couple positive site once that went nowhere. So I have this domain. It’s a single word and it plays on words with the IO domain.


I just love LY domains, they make everything into an adverb. I registered these domains for a myriad of reasons but faced reality that I’ll never get to use them. Now I have these domains for sale. is a wonderful single word domain that can be used in a ‘gag’ type of website. is perfect for creators and was supposed to be a Sun Tzu type of website once. and are for datascience and AI related websites where can be used for almost anything!