Ebook or Wiki?

Posted on Mo 08 Oktober 2007 in misc • 1 min read

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    I'm contemplating foregoing the Rapidminer Ebook tutorial update in favor of a Wiki but after laying out the pros and cons for each this morning, I think I might stick with an Ebook (which will take longer to write). What do you think?

    Ebook Pros

    1. It can be emailed is very portable
    2. I can monetize it (big pro)
    3. It can be protected for the member section (membership has its benefits!)

    Ebook Cons

    1. It requires that I update it
    2. It isn't interactive and subject to peer review
    3. It will take longer to write

    Wiki Pros

    1. Rapidminer users can share their templates and tutorials
    2. Posts can be peer reviewed
    3. The wiki can be updated 24/7

    Wiki Cons

    1. A wiki is a great idea but in reality I'll probably be the only one posting on the wiki
    2. It's a pain to maintain
    3. There will be two locations (my posts and the wiki) where tutorial information resides.