Extending GIS in RapidMiner

• 1 min read

My talented coworker and GIS expert, Balázs Bárány, made some amazing progress on extending GIS in RapidMiner. Using Groovy Script, and the Execute Script operator in RapidMiner, he was able to import a GIS shapefile.

I find this incredibly cool because as a former Civil Engineer, I spent many hours extracting traverses from survey points (i.e latitude and longitude), calculating drainage areas from polygons, and using environmental related data for reports.

To show you want can be done, I downloaded GIS information for the Netherlands from GeoFabrik to test this out.

The Netherlands

Just follow his write up on installing the GeoScript Java libraries and modifying your RapidMiner Studio startup script. If you need the new Groovy Script Jar file, you can get it here.

PS: Happy New Year all!


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