Finance and Econ Extension Updated - New Sentiment Operators!

• 1 min read

Last night, a Monday night no less, I updated my Rapidminer Extensions and was pleasantly surprised. I discovered that the Finance and Economics extension, developed by Broad Reach Analytics, updated with a new "sentiment" folder and contained a Stock Twits and Twitter Search operator. Talk about cool! Just this weekend I began thinking about applying newly learned Rapidminer skills to some of my old market models and adding in sentiment.

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to try the Twitter Search operator because I've had a hard time getting TwitteR (the R package) to work right, and I'm looking forward to exploiting the Stock Twits extension as well.

I urge my readers to download the extension and try some of the example processes that Broad Reach Analytics graciously shared with us. Kudos to them!

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