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    Overall my carry trade experiment was a success but I did encounter some loss. Right before Thanksgiving I opened a position in AUDUSD and then a few days later in the EURJPY pair. Later, when Gold touched $781/oz, I opened a position in XAUUSD (cost me 100 pips) just for fun. I was trying to profit from the interest rate differential between the Aussie Dollar and the Euro and at the same time make some profit on pair appreciation.

    Although not a net positive carry trade for me, XAUUSD was my largest winner based on price appreciation alone. I made close to a 2,000 pip profit on that one. My next big winner for both interest payments and price appreciation was EURJPY. Combined with three positions in the EURJPY, my average win was about 150 pips. The stinker in bunch was AUDUSD where I lost an average of about 150 pips across three positions.

    After a whole year of playing the Forex market with $100, my account now sits at $132.16. Considering my opening balance was $98.32 (strike up $1.68 for Oanda fees) when I started trading, my account is up roughly 34% for the year.

    I’ll be posting an updated trade log in my members section this weekend along with my Forex and Futures forecast.


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